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I have an idea, What next?

Here's how you patent your best ideas!

SilverBlip provides patenting and IP services with excellent and wide technology knowledge and experience

  • SilverBlip has done numerous IP projects for top-10
  • Sensor companies,
  • Wearable device manufacturers,
  • IoT sensor companies,
  • Mobile technology companies, and
  • Automotive companies and their TIER 1 and 2 suppliers.

The projects provides are:

  • Invention analysis and preparation – shaping an idea into a patent application
  • Analyzing patent application and preparing office responses – analyzing the value of a patent or patent application, and its possibility to be granted
  • Creating patenting strategy for a new company or new business area, and shaping the current one in a new business situation
  • Patent landscape analysis, and competitor analysis
  • Patent risk analysis
  • Technology searches, comparing the patent or patent application to scientific and technical publications

SilverBlip prepares and has prepared numerous expert opinions, patent landscape and patent analysis such as patent claim chart analysis to numerous law firms and litigation cases.

To make successful and valuable IP studies, you need to combine knowledge and information in the all following:

  • Technical area,
  • Business area, and
  • Patent and IP area

Silverblip provides that especially in:

  • Sensors and measuring technologies
  • Wearables, and sport, health and medical devices and applications
  • Mobile and IoT devices, especially in measuring and sensing application
  • Automotive, autonomous vehicles, and robots, especially in measuring and sensing application

SilverBlip provides all projects with high expertise and confidentiality. The best feedback is that many projects are continuing with fruitful partnerships.

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